Sushi FYI

All sushi is raw.

False! While it's true that traditional Nigiri, Sashimi and Maki (the word maki means 'roll') is served with raw fish, The Slipp gives you options other than raw fish by featuring many enticing, cooked versions of these Japanese favorites. Look for a little tail on our menu, which means the items are fully cooked. If you're still hesitant, we've recommended a few options for you ultra-picky eaters. We have non-seafood maki such as grilled chicken and seared steak, along with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free rolls. Check out our suggestions below.

Sushi is smelly, fishy and slimy!

False! High quality, sushi-grade fish is a delicacy. Keep in mind that there are all kinds of fish, and they each have their own distinct flavor, scent and texture. We use only sustainable, high quality seafood in our maki, strictly following all industry guidelines set forth in the Federal Food Administrative Code.

You have to be of a particular nationality and gender to be a sushi chef.

False! Our chefs come from diverse backgrounds, and we do not hire based on gender or race. What we do look for in an awesome sushi chef is a willingness to think outside the 'roll', possessing a culinary intuition and attention to detail that will carry over into his/her construction and presentation of our sushi. TEAM SLIPP has developed the recipes, and provides quality products; the chefs provide the mastery and execution.

There is more to sushi than just fish.

True! There are so many ways to enjoy 'sushi', both in the traditional way and in the new fusion manner that continues to evolve. The Slippery Mermaid Sushi Bar excels in its creativity, and continues to surprise even the most discerning of customers with what they thought they knew about sushi. We will gladly share any information, answer any question, and address any concerns our customers have with regard to our product. So dive in and discover a whole new culinary experience.

Beginner Recommendations

Our number one selling roll is our Psycho Mermaid, hands down! Even the most skeptical novice will enjoy this roll.

May we also suggest...

  • The Tropical Mermaid
  • The Sassy Mermaid
  • Land and Sea

Not a seafood fan? Try one of our rolls featuring seared steak such as the Merman Roll, or the Steeler Pleaser, you have to ask for it by name...and then there is the Peck-n-Roll served with grilled chicken.

On a final note, Nori, a key component of a sushi roll, originates from the sea and adds a delicate salty flavor to the roll that for most is undetectable, but for those with sensitive palettes try a roll with soy paper instead.